The Whakatane Seventh-day Adventist School's philosophy is based on The Scriptures and therefore its curriculum and its delivery is Christian based and employs committed Christian staff. 

The school has served the Christian Community of Whakatane and its surrounding area for over 20 years.  The school enjoys the diversity of cultures and Christian churches represented in the student body.  The strength of the school comes from our Heavenly Father's Holy Spirit who leads and guides, provides and sustains all of His children in this community.  The school becomes an extension of the child's home as staff, our Board of Trustees, our parent community treat each child with care and loving kindness as God has treated each one of us with His tenderness and mercies - these are the truths and reality of our school community.  

We desire to serve our Heavenly Father in the way we share our teaching and learning with the community.