The Whakatane Seventh-Day Adventist School is committed to empowering our students to Know, Experience and Share Jesus Christ.

To be personally successful in all areas of learning is a goal that we aspire to for all our students. We aspire for our students to do their very best in all their learning - spiritual, academic, physical, social, psychological and emotional aspects of their being. A nurturing environment is provided to ensure that each child is encouraged, motivated and spurred on to achieve in all areas of their learning in and out of school.

For every child to Contribute positively to the community, the teaching and learning environment will ensure that we respect and honour Cultural Diversities within our school community and the wider communities. Children will also be encouraged to have Community Engagement through our service projects to the community; e.g. Celebrating God's Faithfulness Weekend, Keeping NZ Clean. Service to Others Really Matters is a very aspect of learning for our students. We want our children to grow up knowing that the gifts and talents gifted to the them by God are to be used for the good of otehrs in service to honouring God-their Creator.

The G.R.O.W.T.H. vision came from the consultation and many discussions between the Proprietor of all Seventh-Day Adventist Schools and Principals as a way to express what we value in our schools. Growth takes time, resources and commitment and passion for all stakeholders of the school.

We acknowledge that it is by God's Holy Spirit who will help us achieve the highest for all our students.